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#100 - Barnet Bain - The Discovery of Being

Ep. 100

Join us as we celebrate 100 episodes of the show! For this special episode, I'm joined by award-winning Hollywood producer, director and writer, Barnet Bain. Barnet is known for his work on movies such as What Dreams May Come, Milton's Secret, From Homeless to Harvard, and The Celestine Prophecy. He is also the author of The Book of Doing & Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Love, Life & Work. In today's conversation, be prepared to go deep within yourself, as we enter the realm of the unseen and human psychology. Barnet is truly one of a kind and perhaps my favorite person to have interviewed on the show. He is a rare mind, heart and soul and if you listen closely to this conversation, you will be left to ponder the magic, mystery and challenge of life as a human being.

This is episode 100 of Heart House Radio podcast and I'm so grateful, excited and delighted to bring you a teacher, friend and amazing soul, Barnet Bain - enjoy the show!

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