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#111 - Claude Silver - Creating Champions & Heroes At Work

Ep. 111

Claude Silver is my guest today and one of my new favourite people in the world. Why? Because she has the most awesome job in the world in my eyes. Claude is the Chief Heart Officer (CHO) at Vayner Media in NYC and her job is to create champions and heroes within the organisation. Her job is to create a culture of collaboration to create space for people to bring their heart, skills, creativity and authentic flavour and gifts to work.

Imagine every organisation had leaders like Claude. Leaders leading with HEART, and having a clear understanding of its significance. I'm not talking about less work and fluffy outcomes. The exact opposite, actually. It means creating an atmosphere where people are empowered to come together to out their hearts and minds and souls into a common goal, vision and purpose. I'm going to say, with more heart, more innovation, collaboration, empathy and sustainable performance.

Culture as Claude says isn't so much an object you can label. It is a feeling. You see it in the smiles, communication, love and diversity of people on the same page. That's teamwork making the dream work. This episode is a gem and Claude gives amazing insight into the company culture at Vayner Media, spearheaded by entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Enjoy the show!

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