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#110 - Marshall Dunn - I've Hit A Confusion Crossroad!

Ep. 110

Do you have trouble making decisions and committing to them? Are you afraid to make the wrong decision?

I'll be upfront and honest, I am not the best and most efficient decision maker. I am not direct. I beat around the bush and in terms of my dreams and aspirations, I've hit a confusion crossroad. However, this is good news! Because it has given me the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarity of what it is I really want. In this episode, I basically vent and process where I am at right now in my life, as a means of sharing a common problem for many in life....getting clear on what we want. If you too are at a crossroads or having trouble getting clarity, I hope this episode inspires you to trust you intuition and look within for the answers that are always there and ready to be discovered. Enjoy the show!

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