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#107 - Jill de Jong - Getting Into Your Best Shape Physically & Mentally

Ep. 107

Jill de Jong is a sought-after celebrity trainer, health coach and chef. She has helped many clients to be in the best shape of their life, both physically and mentally. Jill is passionate about helping others to find better ways to move, eat, deal with stress, and design action steps for all that they want to achieve in life. Her upbeat and warm personality makes you feel safe and motivated to embrace change and implement new habits. In her words, “My mission is to inspire you to make better choices for yourself in all areas of life. I’ll support you to get BIG results by making small changes!"

Jill was born in Holland, and her successful modeling career brought her to the United States. She was based in New York for many years, explored Miami for a few years and then fell in love with Los Angeles, where she currently resides; it's a great place to pursue her passion for health and wellness. After making the career shift from full-time modeling to health coach, personal trainer and chef, she's never looked back.

When Jill is not working, you can find her in the kitchen cooking or outside in Malibu running, biking, surfing or stretching in a yoga class. She recharges by spending time with her boyfriend and friends. Meaningful conversations and delicious food make her heart sing. To stay motivated to exercise, she signs up for triathlons and obstacle races.

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