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#101 - Linh Huynh - The Process of Awakening

Ep. 101

Going through a spiritual awakening can be confusing and lonely, as my guest today knows all about. Linh Huynh is a spiritual mentor and counsellor, who fuses esoteric knowledge with mindset and practicality to help others move through their spiritual awakening journeys. Linh shares her story of enduring depression and anxiety, as she cracked open the light within her, which she came to know as her true nature. Feeling strangely out of place and holding a deep sensitivity of the world around you can be a familiar story when undergoing spiritual growth. This was the same for Linh, who views herself as a Star Seed and Lightworker - a soul perhaps from another dimension here to heal the collective consciousness, here to cause a ruckus and trigger people home to living in-spirit. Fascinating conversation with a young woman who has the courage to not follow traditional norms and walk the path of her own heart! Enjoy the show!

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