Heart House Radio Podcast

The Heart House Radio podcast journeys into the heart of the human experience with empowered individuals who have the courage to BE themselves. From CEOs, bestselling authors, leading scientists, healers, entrepreneurs, celebrity doctors, artists and coaches - Marshall takes the guest and listener to a place of integrity, honesty and willingness to examine the truth. Thought provoking, touching and real, Marshall has a special gift for conversation, weaving his natural humor and genuine nature, with a depth of knowledge and wisdom in the field of life.

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Marshall Dunn

Host, Life Guide, Writer, Corporate Calm Consultant. Master of Clinical Psychology, Columbia University I'm curious about how people see the world and love to get to the meat and potatoes of their experience. In that sense, I enjoy real, honest and deep conversation that journeys into the soul of Truth. At the end of the day, I love to see people BE themselves. For me, that's where the richness, fun, love and laughter is in life. Just BE yourself - a homecoming party that isn't all that easy in this day in age! Thanks for tuning into the show:)