Hear Me, See Me Podcast


Hear Me, See Me Podcast with Elvin Box, Prostate Cancer Campaigner.

Season 1, Ep. 94

Hear Me, See Me Podcast with Elvin Box, Prostate Cancer Campaigner.

Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

A good friend of mine, Cheryl Witham, put me in touch with a fantastic man, Elvin Box. He is a Prostate Cancer Campaigner and a generous human being. He selflessly gave me lots of his time, reassuring me and educating me on what I am facing. I knew immediately that I had to do a podcast with him to share awareness of this much underestimated disease.

We have a full and frank discussion about my experience so far and I hope this helps other people in this situation.

This is information from Elvin :

All of those born with a prostate should get to a Gym, and focus on the following exercises to enhance their continence and potency. However, once treated for prostate cancer, the following exercises are a must: core muscles; pelvic floor muscles; cardio vascular. A good workout can be done at home if you wish, and this brilliant web site provides necessary instruction: https://www.floorandcore.com/

If the above is failing to help sufficiently, next steps to attain and maintain an erection are:

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