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Hear Me, See Me Podcast with Actress, Screenwriter and Director, Jordana Spiro.

Season 1, Ep. 100

Hear Me, See Me Podcast's 100th episode with Actress, Screenwriter and Director, Jordana Spiro.

Jordana is a multi-talented, funny, intelligent, beautiful human being. Her credits are...

As a Director and Screenwriter: Jordana’s first feature Night Comes On premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2018, winning the Innovator Award and the Jury Award at the Deauville Film Festival in France. Her short film Skin premiered at Sundance and won the Honorable Mention Award at SXSW, showed at Telluride, Palm Springs, and AFI among others. She is a fellow of the Sundance Institute’s Directors, Screenwriters, and Composers Labs, the Cinereach Development Program and the Berlinale Talent Campus. MFA in Directing from Columbia University (2016).


As an actress, Jordana Spiro, her credits include: Ozark (Netflix, Seasons 1,2,4), R.L. Stine’s Fear Street Trilogy (Netflix 2021), Small Engine Repair (SXSW 2020), To the Stars (Sundance 2019), Vegas High (HBO MAX 2020), My Boys (4 seasons, Winner of the Gracie Allen Comedy Award)

We have a fantastic chat which I thoroughly enjoyed and I hope you do too.

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Season 1, Ep. 102
Hear Me, See Me Podcast with Josie Naughton, CEO and Co-Founder of Choose Love.Choose Love started as nothing more than a group of friends with a plan. In 2015, absolutely devastated by scenes of thousands of people forced to live in terrible conditions in the Calais refugee camp in northern France, Josie knew she had to do something.Josie studied Anthropology but later decided to pursue a career in the music industry. This career move would see her working with the band Coldplay until the ‘refugee crisis’ in Europe in 2015.  Using her experience and contacts in the music industry, she rallied together friends with the hashtag #HelpCalais. Within a week, they had raised over £50,000 and were soon receiving thousands of donated items every day- Choose Love was born. Under Josie’s strategic leadership a new model for fast flexible grantmaking has been developed that prioritises community based organisations and fills the gaps being lost by Governments and traditional aid models. Josie has gone on to lead the growth of Choose Love as its CEO and the organisation has now supported almost 4 million people via partnering with almost 400 organisations in 33 countries and raising over $80 million. Josie is a leading advocate for refugee rights in the UK, and is seen as a thought leader across the sector, she’s been named as one of Bill and Melinda Gates’ ‘Global Goalkeepers’ and one of the Evening Standard's Progress 1000 “Changemakers”. She has spoken at events alongside Bill Gates and Barack Obama. Choose Love has won the NESTA award in 2016 and The Liberty freedom award in 2017 for its work supporting unaccompanied children. Josie is an absolute superstar. Please have a listen, subscribe and share.Choose Love : https://choose.love/The Flood ( film I mentioned ) : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5954556/?ref_=ext_shr_lnkhttps://www.haircuts4homeless.com/https://www.instagram.com/svnty6beats/https://www.instagram.com/dvsy_artography/Thank you to our wonderful Sponsors Zenoti and L'Oréal.