Healthcare Rap


Our Manifesto for Consumer-First Health! (#200)

Season 7, Ep. 200

Celebrate our 200th episode with our most provocative thinking yet! Jared and Zain welcome friends Jill McCormick (TechSpring/Baystate Health), Victor Reiss (UNC Health), and Teri Sun (White Rhino) for an exclusive preview of the Consumer-First Health Group’s upcoming Manifesto, a letter to the healthcare industry outlining what needs to change and how to realistically get it done. In between, listen to several previous guests give a shout out to a favorite moment from our first 200 episodes.

All that, plus the Flava of the Week about how to shift forward. If the answers are in front of us, how do we overcome the tendency to search for answers by looking in the past?

Thanks to Persado for spreading the awesome, yo! Persado provides healthcare organizations with pre-developed, pre-optimized marketing messaging focused on improving health goals and business objectives.

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