Healthcare Rap


187 – Seriously, Let’s Simplify Healthcare

Season 6, Ep. 187

Jason Considine from Experian Health is in the house to share some provocative thinking about how we should be striving to use technology and data-driven insights to connect and simplify healthcare for everyone. Jason shares how healthcare expectations have been redefined, particularly for younger healthcare consumers, then he dives deep into Experian Health’s research study on the gap between care that’s expected and care that’s received, and how providers are attempting to close that gap. All that, plus the Flava of the Week about how the vision of consumer-first health is becoming clearer for those who are looking. What company’s CEO recently described their vision for becoming a hybrid of a healthcare provider and a consumer brand, and what will it mean for the industry?

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Download Experian Health’s The State of Patient Access: 2021 report here.

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