Healthcare Rap


151 – The Need for Personalized Health Actions

Season 5, Ep. 151

Steve Wigginton, CEO of Icario, the recently rebranded health action company that sprung up from the merger of Revel Health and NovuHealth, is in the house this week to give the lowdown on how to incentivize consumers to become healthier. There’s plenty of room for innovation, but we also have to make sure there’s a sustainable business model. Along the way, Jared and Zain drop knowledge about the need for personalized health action plans that take into account more than just sharing information.

All that, plus the Flava of the Week about Digital Culture.

Shout-out to Jennings Healthcare Marketing and their video series, Marketing for Better Health, the Martech.Health directory, and the Shift.Health Content Network for spreading the awesome, yo!

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