Healthcare Rap


150 – Build, Buy … Or Partner?

Season 5, Ep. 150

There is a third option for implementing digital health solutions, and you’ll want to give it more thought now that the threshold for success is much higher than ever before. Ben Tingey, innovation manager with Atrium Health and host of the A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation podcast, is in the house this week to give the lowdown on how to choose whether to build, buy, or partner to make those solutions happen. Along the way, Jared and Zain drop knowledge about where implementation fits in the consumer experience.

All that, plus the Flava of the Week about the journey that these first 150 episodes have taken. What’s the "higher vision" for the digital transformation of healthcare, and what’s your place?

Shout-out to Jennings Healthcare Marketing and their video series, Marketing for Better Health, the Martech.Health directory, and the Shift.Health Content Network for spreading the awesome, yo!

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