Healthcare Rap


148 – How Do We Fight the Misinformation Pandemic?

Season 5, Ep. 148

Mistrust in the system and misinformation about health keeps people from seeking proper care. So how do we fight it? Dr. Austin Chiang is in the house to give us the lowdown on how health information needs to reach people where they are — and people are on social media. He shares the high points and low points as a well-known TikTok doctor and chief medical social media officer at Jefferson Health. Join the crew as they drop knowledge about how empathy always wins, popularity is not credibility, and what doctors can do to contribute to their communities when they don’t get any marketing or communications training.

All that, plus the latest Awesome and the Flava of the Week about managing results, not platforms.

Thanks to the Shift.Health Content Network for spreading the awesome, yo! And shout-out to Jennings Healthcare Marketing and their video series, Marketing for Better Health.

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