Healthcare Rap


146 – Can We Move Past Sick Care?

Season 5, Ep. 146

We can’t slow our roll now. It’s time for health systems to take the lead in helping people stay healthier. Jared and Zain go deep on why now is the exact time to move beyond sick care models and start exploring wellness and functional medicine offerings. Join them as they drop knowledge about how to design the healthcare experience in a world where it’s not so clear how long COVID-19 is going to remain in the picture.

All that, plus the Flava of the Week about closing marketing’s credibility gap, and the 411 from John Marzano on the value of healthcare marketing Moneyball.

Thanks to the Shift.Health Content Network for spreading the awesome, yo! And shout-out to Jennings Healthcare Marketing and their video series, Marketing for Better Health.

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