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Nicole Turnbull

Season 1, Ep. 13

Nicole Turnbull talks about sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace, The Neon Shed, the & Darks Sides of Work Summit and gives personal and professional insights into how and why this behaviour presents itself in professional settings.

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  • 21. The Final Wrap & Review of HSC

    It's done. Season 4 is completed. A wrap up with the lovely Karina Bourne covering all 4 Seasons of our 1st venture into podcasting. A huge thank you to all of the wonderful guests who gave up their time, their experiences, their stories and their wisdom to help you the listeners. The safety community is somewhat uniquie in most love to share their stories and this made the pod both interesting and easy to create. A big thanks to you, all of you who have downloaded and listened, gave support, suggestions and feedback to us. Your help was never taken for granted and will not be forgotten. Finally a huge thank you to Karina who supported and encouraged this endeavour (and all of my strange ideas). Without her none of what has been aired would have. She is my rock and my muse.
  • 20. Brett Read

    This week on the last guest episode of Season 4 of the conversation, we are joined by the amazing Brett Read. A good way to finish on a high with an awesome guest. Brett is the Managing Director of Safety Leaders Group and Principal Consultant of 4D Safety and Performance. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Management) from ECU, Western Australia as well as a Graduate Diploma (Survival and Rescue Management) and a Graduate Certificate in Systems Management. Prior to consulting Brett had 15 years’ experience in management in the corporate sector and defence working for two multinational corporations in Operations and Business Management and in the Australian Army where he served in command roles in the SAS Regiment and attained the rank of Major.Brett has more than twenty-five years consulting experience and has worked with a broad range of clients in more than twenty countries to create safer working environments and to assist leaders in creating sustainable safety performance. He has worked with Dr Keith Owen from University of Texas researching the leadership practices that create high performance teams and designed and delivered the team and leadership components of the UWA Advanced Management Program (Executive MBA). Brett’s specialties include HSEQ Leadership & Management, Organisational Transformation & Change Management with a focus on safety leadership & culture, risk management and sustainable performance in high-risk industry, especially oil & gas and mining.He has considerable experience of consultation, facilitation, and training in: Executive Leadership Development; HSEQ Culture Transformation; Team and Organizational Transformation; Leadership, Management, Supervisory and Team Development; Risk Management and Process Safety Management; Strategic Business Planning and Visioning; One on One Coaching; and Personality Profiling.Brett is the creator of 4-Dimensional Performance and Safety which embraces a sociotechnical approach to change the perception of safety from being an absence of accidents to instead be about the creation of capacity for things to go well. Brett is the co-author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling book, Safety Performance Reimagined - A 4D Approach to Organizational Performance. Safety Performance Reimagined Book: ( Web: www.safetyleadersgroup.comWeb:
  • Question of the Week 20 Season 4

    Does the current qualifications required to become a safety advisor / officer reflect the workplace requirements? Responses are:YesNoI would rather comment. That's question of the week.
  • 19. Tasha Broomhall

    Joining us on the Conversation this week is the highly respected Tasha Bloomhall.Tasha Broomhall helps organisations meet their obligations around psychological health and safety, while meeting business goals. She holds a Masters of Science (Psychology) and is undertaking a PhD in psychosocial safety.Tasha is a regular on ABC radio and her work has been recognised with the ICCWA Suicide Prevention Award, as a finalist in the LiFE Awards for Excellence in Suicide Prevention, and twice as a finalist in the Mental Health Week Media Awards.She has been providing mental health and wellbeing programs throughout Australia and internationally for 20 years and is the author of four books and two journals.Links
  • Question of the Week 19 Season 4

    Do supervisors and management need formalized training regarding worker safety?Responses are:YesNoI would rather comment. That's question of the week.
  • 18. Alastair Milne

    We are joined this week on the conversation by the awesome Alastair Milne. Alastair is driven to help people feel cared for by their organisation via mental health, safety and life skills programs. He brings lived experience of severe mental illness which catalysed his learning journey, providing hope to others.He comes from a surprisingly diverse background, qualified in Science, Safety, Coaching and Change, with more to come...Alastair combines credible content with a strong desire to create psychologically safe spaces, catalysing growth in others and is just one of those rare talents. Links:Alastair MilneBehavioural Consultant / Director, Curam Consulting
  • Question of the Week 18 Season 4

     Does stress impact on your ability to work safely and make sound decisions?Responses are:YesNoI would rather comment.That's question of the week.
  • 17. Brad Green - The Third Coming

    This week we are lucky enough to be joined for the third time, the marvellous and softly spoken Brad Green. One of the true gentlemen of safety, who genuinely walks the walk as well as talking the talk. It's always good catching up with Brad. Brad Green is an HSSE Professional, Health and Safety Adjunct Professor, father, husband, softball coach, thought provoker, and an advocate for all employees' mental and physical well-being. Brad primarily emphasizes humanizing the HSSE profession, shifting how organizations view their workers, modifying organizations’ response to failure, and promoting his mantra of learning and improving through the lens of curiosity. Brad encourages organizations to react restoratively rather than retributively whenever an unintended deviation from an expected outcome. Brad is currently the Manager of HSSE for an oil and gas company. Brad has 17 years of HSSE experience in the United States. He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Occupational Safety and Health from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Brad is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Occupational Hygiene and Safety Technician (OHST), and Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST). Brad is well versed in all aspects of HSSE with demonstrated experience in developing, implementing, monitoring, consulting, coordinating, instructing, coaching, and continually improving HSSE and PSM programs and processes. Brad has worked in various organizations, including chemical manufacturing, heavy construction, oil & gas, and space exploration. Links:LinkedIn:
  • Question of the Week 17 Season 4

     Does a diverse workforce increase safety in the workplace?Responses are:YesNoI would rather comment. That's question of the week.