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Heal Your Hole with Norma Sheahan

ep70 Flabby Labia

Season 1, Ep. 70

This episode needs no introduction. I basically torture the cast & crew of the musical I'm rehearsing about their views on Falling Fannies. ( ANGELA'S ASHES THE MUSICAL livestreams early Sept 2021. It's bloody fanny-tastic!

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  • 75. Ep75 Spinny Hole

    Funny chats with the talented radio presenters from Spin1038, Nathan O'Reilly & Graham O'Toole. They had me on their long running podcast (Graham & Nathan's Little Big Podcast) Enjoy:)
  • 74. Ep74 Hot Flushy Hole

    `Dr Fiona Barry lifts the old stigma around menopause, she says knowledge is power during this new and lengthy phase of life. She integrates Western and Chinese Medicine whilst healing your body, mind and hole! ( instagram @dr_fionabarry )
  • 73. Ep 73 Angela's Arsehole

    'Angela's Ashes the Musical' livestreams from today 9/9/21. Award winning, five star musical, that I adored being part of. Search Olympia Theatre, or Ticket-master, or New York's The Irish Repertory Theatre. And yes I boldly nicknamed our Whats App group 'Angela's Arsehole' during rehearsals.
  • 72. Ep 72 Hole Ding with Graham Norton

    Craic on the tv set of “Holding” by Graham Norton with Kathy burke, Pauline mclynn , Conleth hill, Brenda Fricker Michael Fry Demi Isaac Oviawe! And more
  • 71. Ep 71 Hole in my Eye

    I just managed to slice my own eye-ball! Massive thanks to the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, pharmacists, etc... I've 20/20 vision again! Lads mind your precious eye-holes!!!
  • 69. Ep69 "69er"

    What's your view on the 69er? Awkward! Eyesore! Great craic! Covid friendly! These were some of the opinions on this sex position. Are you still contorting like a 69? Or was your last attempt back in the Summer of '69?
  • 68. Ep68 Parenting Hole

    Psychotherapist, Bethan O'Riordan, gives glorious advice on parenting. "You are enough!", "Break the inherited patterns of parenting", "You can't change others, but you can change yourself," plus many more. She's a genius! FACEBOOK = Calm & Confident Parenting. INSTA = @bethan.oriordan
  • 67. Ep67 Multi-Talented Hole

    Meet the Multi-Talented Caroline Grace-Cassidy as we hear about her latest novel "The Unexpected Love Story of Lexie Byrne- aged 39 and a half". She's also an actor, director, producer, podcaster, screen-writer, mother, etc... Pre-order her book on , (Insta = @carolinegracecassidy) ( twitter = @cgracecassidy)