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NYTimes best-selling author Laura Tucker on her YA debut

Season 5, Ep. 6

Brooklyn-based Laura Tucker has written over 20 books - two of which were New York Times bestsellers - Standing Tall with Vivian Stringer and A Mother’s Reckoning with Sue Klebold.

But in this interview we chat about All The Greys on Greene Street - Laura’s YA fiction debut. The book takes place in New York City in 1981 and our 12-year-old hero Olympia is struggling with a mother who won’t get out of bed, a father who has gone missing and there’s an art mystery afoot.

Laura talks about that particular moment in SoHo history, kids roaming the city and the writer’s life Laura has created for herself.

Find Laura on Instagram and buy her book from your fave indie bookseller.


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