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Derry Is Changing

It sometimes feels like Derry/Londonderry is stuck in time. But even though progress is slow, the young people of Northern Ireland have been instrumental in making this place a safe one, a place of tolerance and acceptance.

In this podcast, Connie, Holly and Charlie, three fourteen-year-old students from Lisneal College Londonderry, talk about the change in mentalities, how society is slowly but surely breaking taboos and why, after year of silence and trauma, the community is coming out more united and outspoken than ever before.

Brought to you by Connie, Holly and Charlie (Lisneal College).

Produced and edited by Marie Sauvé as a collaboration between Headliners Foyle and the Londonderry YMCA.

Project Officers: Marie Sauvé and Aidan Campbell.

Thank you to the EANI for their ongoing support.