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Neatening Technology with HDANYWHERE

Chris & Justin look ahead to the ISE show in Barcelona

Season 1, Ep. 1

In this inaugural HDANYWHERE podcast test pilot episode of Neatening Technology, Chris and Justin have an unscripted chat about what they’ll be doing at Europe’s biggest technology show ISE Barcelona

Topics covered include the new MHUB S stackable matrix for larger AV projects (such as pubs) and what can be achieved with the bundled-free, rather nifty uControl universal control system. As well as some other inane piffle of course.

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  • 6. Can you replace a control system with only MHUB and 'uControl inside'? EI Live! special podcast.

    We are bringing new MHUBs, new control capabilities and uControl Remote to EI Live! to show you our idea of the Everyday Smart Home next week. Learn about it in our latest podcast, featuring Justin and Dillan, out tomorrow.Key takeaways:00:00 - Intro0:45 - "We're going guns blazing" ...demos that you will see at EI Live! next week (13/9/2023).1:16 - Two control system level demos we will showcase a multrioom demo and a single room demo with full control (inc. uControl Remote) controlling MHUBs (video distribution), MZMA (audio distribution), Sonos, Blusound, Samsung TVs, KNX, Lutron, Rako lights, Shelly relay controlled blinds, two Samsung TVs and a guest appearance from Meridian speakers for good measure. 4:47 - uControl Remote: all demos to feature primary control from our new smart remote.8:55 - Three new MHUBs: x3 new MHUB systems (4x4, 6x6 and 16x16) all with full 'uControl inside' capabilities11:05 - Traditional control systems vs uControl: our controller is built into our hardware reducing system cost (deployment and cost). How we intend on providing a smart home experience to the under served mid-market who typically can't afford this type of luxury.19:30 - How much is the uControl Remote going to cost? Hint: we're not saying yet!!! But it is cheaper than the control system option and you will need to go to EI Live! to hear the announcement first. 20:55 - We'd love a chat. Visit us on Stand 11 or follow us on socials: Brand new website to explain what uControl is and what it can do.
  • 5. Discussing the newly revealed HDANYWHERE uControl Remote

    HDANYWHERE have introduced the uControl Remote, a handheld hard-button interface to navigate endless entertainment and scene-setting options, with unified control of all the essentials for media, music and mood.In this episode Chris, Dillan and Justin discuss the remote's story, the thinking behind it, the design decisions and a deep dive into it's functions and features.From the humans at (and now) http://uControl.world0:00: Introduction.0:27: The uControl Remote.1:50: The design.5:08: The name.10:09: Compatibility.13:17: Initial idea.20:50: Symbol of ambition for the company.23:50: Interesting time and lots going on.24:15: This changes everything.
  • 4. Neatening Technology Podcast discussing what to see on the HDA booth at Ei Live this year.

    Justin Chris and Dillan review some great reasons to visit the HDANYWHERE booth at Ei Live in Farnborough, 14 & 15 September 2022 and discuss how HDA could help Dillan's morning shower routine be more enjoyable..(probably not for sensitive listeners/viewers...)
  • 3. Neatening Technology Podcast on how HDA helps Pro's look great

    Justin chats to Colton about some of the services HDANYWHERE offer to help HDA Pros professionally promote themselves when using HDA.From creative assets, product photos to Custom social posts.If you are not a HDA Pro yet, go to and register today
  • 2. Chris and Justin wrap up ISE 2022 in 15 minutes

    In this 2nd podcast of Neatening Technology, Chris and Justin shoot from the hip on their key takeaways from the recent ISE 2022 expo in Barcelona.Included are some frank impressions of the event, the venue and the city of Barcelona, as well as some useful tips for when you attend next year (yes, they think you should - come hear if you agree)