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Hawaii Creators

Pua Pakele & Cabot

Season 1, Ep. 3

On this episode of Hawaii Creators, Emi Hart and I talkstory with Pua Pakele & Cabot of Rebel Media, a creative agency to help entrepreneurs build bold, innovative brands. Emi and Pua go back to her college days, and I’ve known her for over a decade, so we retrace her path from a marketing and events intern to podcaster to business strategist. We also talk about her work developing and publishing online courses and helping others do the same. Even Emi shares some of her journey, now rediscovering her love of making music and her aspirations to share her process online. We get Pua’s advice for aspiring founders and content creators, especially those that have a million ideas and struggle to find and focus on the most meaningful and promising ones.

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  • 2. Cameron Brooks

    On this episode of the Hawaii Creators podcast, host Peter Kay interviews Cameron Brooks, a professional helicopter photographer who has been capturing aerial shots of Hawaii for over 10 years. While looking back at some of Cameron’s most memorable photos, he shares how he got his start, picks some great online services for photographers, explores how drone photography has affected the aerial imagery market, and what he plans to do next. Hint: a lot of merch. I was under the weather, so thanks to Peter for taking on this show solo. A fair bit of this conversation is visual, so to see the images being discussed, look for Hawaii Creators on YouTube or Facebook.
  • 1. Shane "ShangerDanger" Brown

    On this episode of Hawaii Creators we talkstory with Shane Brown, a.k.a. Shanger Danger, about his life-long obsession with making media. We’ll hear how he wanted to be a YouTube star from the start of YouTube, how he found his groove, how you can burn yourself out editing and producing the perfect video that goes nowhere, only to have a video about an egg rack up 300 million views. We’ll also get some straight talk about the challenges that he’s faced over the years, and that he’s facing right now, and how he’s committed to getting through it.
  • Hawaii Creators Preview

    Join serial entrepreneur Peter Kay and journalist Ryan Ozawa as they sit down with the innovative creators who are sharing Hawaii's culture with the world. From authors and artists to YouTubers and livestreamers, their guests represent the diversity of mediums and backgrounds that make up Hawaii's thriving creative community.