HAUNTED: The Audio Drama

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  • 1. The Signal Part 1 of 6

    Abigail Corbin tracks down renowned paranormal investigator James Hunter to help her investigate a mysterious series of murders.This episode was remastered on 6/5/2023 and features a re-made opening sequence.

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  • 2. The Signal Part 2 of 6

    James and Abigail examine the body of Mark Rawlinson in a search for clues, meanwhile Dan Cowell is called across town to investigate an arson.
  • 3. The Signal Part 3 of 6

    James and Abigail sneak Melissa Black out of police custody and try to examine her symptoms, Dan is feeling pressure from his boss and we're introduced to Abigail's mother Cheryl.
  • 4. The Signal Part 4 of 6

    James and Dan are confronted by the latest psychotic victim of The Signal. Abigail tries to care for Melissa but experiences her own set of unusual events.
  • 5. The Signal Part 5 of 6

    There's a new player in the game, a unhinged psychopath disguised as a clown, but could he be another victim of The Signal? James and Dan must work together if they want to stop him before he hurts Abigail.
  • 6. The Signal Part 6 of 6

    In this thrilling final chapter of "The Signal" James and Abigail track the mysterious broadcast to its original location but are cornered by the crazed axe-wielding Paul who hopes to broadcast The Signal so that everyone in Greenvale hears it.ReJ5FtSljDugNosRfAtc
  • 7. A Soft Cry Part 1 of 6

    Having reached a roadblock in their investigation of the mysterious Signal, James and Abigail are called in the assist the police with another strange case. A young woman in good health is found dead in a park with no outward sign of what may have killed her. Even creepier, she was on the phone to her friend at the time of her death and the young woman was claiming to have heard a baby crying, however no sign of a baby is found at the scene.