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Hard Pass

Pierce Brosnan's Healthcare Plan

Josh and Linette consider whether ACHA will reduce employer-provided healthcare, affect economic dynamism, and make it more expensive for your parents to retire.

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  • A Home for the Olympics

    Josh and Linette talk about why no one wants to host the Olympics anymore, and whether curling gets
  • Organic America First

    Linette and Josh talk about whether organic grain farmers have legitimate complaints about foreign organic standards, or if they are just seeking price protection from foreign competition.
  • Uber and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

    Linette and Josh talk about how Uber's scandals are undermining their business model, which is essentially paying people to like Uber.
  • Programming the Store (with Mike Fisher)

    Josh and Linette speak with Mike Fisher (Apple, JCPenney) about the future of brick and mortar retail, and why stores need to be designed like community spaces. More about Mike Fisher here:
  • The First Apple Store (with Mike Fisher)

    Josh and Linette are joined by Mike Fisher (, former Senior Creative Director at Apple, to talk about the concept, design, and opening of the very first Apple stores.
  • Just Walk Out

    Josh and Linette dive into Amazon's brick and mortar store, and whether it will change the way people shop or face the same problems Walmart experienced when it reduced staff.
  • Let's Get Some Shoes

    Linette and Josh discuss how Trump's proposed border tax could affect shoe prices, and whether the American Dollar will be strong enough to keep you in fresh kicks.
  • Trading Away Extra Guac

    Josh and Linette talk about how Trump's position on NAFTA is a big threat to your ability to get guacamole at any time of the year.