Hardcore Listing with Chris & Stu


Top 5 Inspiring Gigs with JP

Season 1, Ep. 240

This is a really special episode.

John Parker (JP) is a man of wondrous musical talent, a mean double bass player in Parker and Ward, a session musician for a number of top artists and previously one half of Nizlopi.

Alongside being a beast of a musician JP decided to first support, then care for his mother Catherine following her diagnosis with vascular dementia.

Catherine sadly passed away in February and amongst promising to look after her garden, JP also promised to run the London Virtual Marathon. JP decided to raise money for Myton Hospices who were instrumental in helping Catherine live comfortably and with dignity in the later stages of her life.

Chris thought it was high time he got JP on for a chat, about both his musical journey, and the journey he has been on with his lively mum over the last 7 years...and it wouldn't be HCL if we didn't sneak in a top 5 too. And its the sort of top 5 Stu gets to really geek out on!

JP was a wonderful guest who I'm sure we'd love to have back, and if you want to donate to his charity (the likes of Ed Sheeran have already done so) then please do using the link below!