Happy Place


Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Season 17, Ep. 4

Our body’s stress response is cleverly designed to keep us safe, but the trouble now is that it’s being triggered by every day life – emails, caring commitments, social media, loneliness. Dr Rangan Chatterjee explains what the stress response is, and how using your physically body can often be the best way to calm your mind. In this chat, Fearne and Rangan also talk in great detail about the importance of sleep, and how to trust your own feelings rather than always needing science to back up your lived experience.

Rangan is the host of the Feel Better Live More podcast and author of 5 Sunday Times bestselling books including his latest Happy Mind Happy Life.

More Episodes

  • 5. Fats Timbo

    Do you have main character energy? Comedian, model, and social media megastar Fats Timbo reckons we should all have the confidence to play the main role in our own lives, but that being confident is a skill that needs to be learned. In this chat with Fearne, she explains why so much of life is how we choose to perceive it. We can choose whether to laugh or cry at a certain situation... and Fats’ family definitely taught her to laugh. She also talks about how, having been born with achondroplasia, the loving support she experienced at home wasn’t necessarily mirrored out in the rest of the world. Fats’ book, Main Character Energy, is out now.
  • 4. Florence Bark

    Masturbation should be as big a part of your self care routine as your meditation, breathwork, or morning walk. Content creator and sex & relationships expert Florence Bark feels masturbation is central to our self-esteem and wellbeing. In this chat with Fearne, Florence explains why it’s so important to understand our own anatomy, and why masturbation should be prioritised as much as partnered sex. Plus, they chat about how to begin overcoming the shame society has made so many of us feel around sex and bodies. Florence’s book is called This Book Will Make You Feel Something, and is out now.
  • 3. Kesha

    Is it art if no one sees or hears it? In this chat, musician Kesha joins Fearne to talk about our sometimes obsessive relationship with feedback, and why your own opinion of your work is the only one that should really matter.  As the artist behind pop track Tik Tok, Kesha had been known for being a burst of high energy for her fans, but more recently she’s been compelled to expose different sides of herself, including the ‘ugly’ emotions and behaviours, as she calls them. In this chat, she and Fearne both share their experiences of eating disorders and panic attacks. Kesha’s new album, Gag Order, sees her getting intimate with herself at a time when she’s had a lot of outside noise to contend with, and it's out now.
  • 2. Bob Waldinger

    Are you aware of the importance of relationships and human connection to your happiness? Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and Zen priest Robert ‘Bob’ Waldinger leads the world’s longest scientific study of happiness, and has found relationships to be crucial.In this chat, Bob tells Fearne how much of a role genetics plays in happiness, and how much we really do have control over. They also talk about the difference between being around people and really being present with them, as well as how to start prioritising relationships over other traditional markers of success.Bob’s book, co-authored with Marc Schulz, is called The Good Life and is out now.
  • 1. Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Giving yourself permission to enjoy something is a discipline that requires practice. This is just one of the many lessons snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan has learnt as he’s changed his approach to the game over the years. In this chat with Fearne, Ronnie talks about how he would now always choose happiness over traditional markers of success, and how his challenging childhood made him incredibly resilient and able to cope with change, injustice, and adversity.  In Ronnie's latest book, Unbreakable, he shares what it takes to be the very best in your field. It's out on 11th May. 
  • 10. Steve Barnabis

    In this special episode in partnership with The National Lottery, Fearne speaks to East Londoner Steve Barnabis who's dedicated his life to saving children from knife crime. He’s spent his entire career working to improve the lives of young people, to tackle youth violence, and create safe spaces for children and teens to express themselves. After meeting the Royals at a Big Lunch event last year, Steve, together with his organisation Project Zero, and the local community, will be putting on his own Coronation Big Lunch over the bank holiday weekend. The Big Lunch, made possible by National Lottery Players, brings millions of people together annually to boost community spirit, whilst encouraging neighbours to share friendship, food and fun. In this chat with Fearne, Steve explains how understanding the root causes of knife violence – mental health, school performance, home life anxieties – is the key to reducing anti-social and offending behaviour, and promoting social inclusion. He also opens up about how knife crime has directly affected his family.
  • 9. Kate Ferdinand

    Kate Ferdinand found herself with three step children when she fell in love and moved in with now-husband Rio six years ago. Since then, she’s become a supportive voice for others with blended families.In this chat, Fearne and Kate talk about how proud they both are of the relationships their step and biological children have, as well as why their fear of rejection is stronger with their step children than their biological children. Plus, Kate explains why she feels consistency and communication have been the most important principles in creating a harmonious family. Kate’s book, How To Build A Family, is published by Happy Place Books and is out on May 11th.
  • 8. Joey Hulin

    Self-compassion is vital in manifesting. Meditation teacher and mentor Joey Hulin knows we have to believe that we deserve good things in order to lean into going after them. In this chat with Fearne, Joey explains that manifesting means intentionally thinking about, and working hard towards the things we want in our lives. We have to really embody our desires if we’re to achieve our dreams. They also chat about where science and mysticism meet, the concept of luck, and whether we should be doing spells... Joey’s new book, ‘Your Manifesting Year’ is published by Happy Place Books, and is out now. 
  • 7. Charlotte Church

    Are you conscious of the importance of connecting with nature? Does it help you better connect with yourself? That’s certainly the case for Charlotte Church. After years in the spotlight as a singer, Charlotte has now created The Dreaming – a wellness retreat in the heart of Wales. In this chat with Fearne, she explains how things like being outside, the power of sound, and generally having a slower pace of life have helped her heal from grief. They also talk about the importance of play as adults. You can book your stay at The Dreaming here: https://www.thedreaming.co.uk/Use Code "HAPPYPLACE" for 10% off a retreat.