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  • 3. The Wild West

    Farmer Wants a Wife: Season 2 | Episode 3This week sparks fly as more farmers make connections and some heads butt as the women settle into life at the farm.Follow us on Instagram @HappilyEverPasturePod and Twitter @PasturePod

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  • 2. Tell Me a Secret

    Farmer Wants a Wife: Season 2 | Episode 2The farmers welcome the women to their farms and big personalities, and big hair, show up in full force. Connections are made, and questions arise. Listen now to this week’s episode of Happily Ever Pasture!Follow us on Instagram @HappilyEverPasturePod and Twitter @PasturePod
  • 1. What Turns You On?

    Farmer Wants a Wife: Season 2 | Episode 2We’re SO back with a new season of Happily Ever Pasture!Season 2 of “Farmer Wants a Wife” on FOX has arrived, and this week Abby and Starleisha watch the premiere episode that leaves them with more questions than answers. Come along on this journey as we get to know Nathan, Mitchell, Ty, and Brandon and the lovely ladies they are dating. Will the farmer(s) find a wife(s)? Stay tuned to find out!Follow us on Instagram @HappilyEverPasturePod and Twitter @PasturePod
  • 11. Finale Round-Up: Where Are They Now?

    Farmer Wants a Wife: Season 1 | Episode 11On the final recap episode, Abby and Starleisha discuss the season one finale and what has happened since the cameras stopped rolling. Abby sheds some light on social media drama and gives post-finale farmer relationship updates. Grab your favorite drink, pull up a chair and join us!Follow us on Instagram @HappilyEverPasturePod and Twitter @PasturePod
  • BONUS Episode: Interview with Talia Gutierrez

    Today we are joined by Talia, a literal angel and one of Hunter's suitors who left us in week 3.The Farmer Wants a Wife FINALE airs this Wednesday, May 17, 9/8c. Episode description courtesy of FOX:After hosting groups of single women who left behind the comforts and conveniences of city life for the charms and challenges of life on the farm in the pursuit of genuine love, the farmers declare who have won their hearts. There will be difficult goodbyes, heartfelt confessions and not everyone is guaranteed a happy ending in the all-new “The Final Decisions” episode of Farmer Wants a Wife airing Wednesday, May 17 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Host: Jennifer Nettles  Farmers: Ryan Black; Allen Foster; Hunter Grayson; Landon HeatonFollow:Talia @takeoffwithtal@realityclubfox for Farmer Wants a Wife contentHappily Ever Pasture on Instagram @HappilyEverPasturePod and Twitter @PasturePod
  • 9. Week 9: Take Me Home, Country Roads

    Farmer Wants a Wife: Season 1 | Episode 9On this week’s episode we discuss the men's visits to some hometowns, learn a lot about the women's families, and see the rugged farmers show some vulnerability, self-reflection, and even sadness. Follow us on Instagram @HappilyEverPasturePod and Twitter @PasturePod
  • 8. Week 8: A+ Breakups

    Farmer Wants a Wife: Season 1 | Episode 8On last night's episode we said some sad goodbyes to two beautiful ladies. We learned a bit more about the farmers as they processed through the anticipation of meeting the women's families.Follow us on Instagram @HappilyEverPasturePod and Twitter @PasturePod