Blackout - Attacking The Power Grid

Season 1, Ep. 2

Can you use a fleet of hacked smart devices to force a nationwide power blackout? Our guest and expert Harm van den Brink says YES.

Tyler Cohen Wood and Mirko Ross are discussing with the power grid and electric vehicle cybersecurity expert Harm van der Brink on the challenges to defend the power grids from being attacked.


Read more from Harm on his Medium articles:


A button to switch off our entire electricity grid? We are creating one with unsecure high-power connected devices. Should we worry about it? The more high power devices (home appliances) are connected to the grid, the more we should worry about our grid stability and the availability of power. We should have cyber security in place before millions of those devices will be added to the grid. The regulation should be done on (at least) the European level.


Luckily almost nobody noticed it, but last Friday, 8th of January, at 14:05 CET the whole of Europe was on the brink of a total blackout. Due to an instant loss of energy production, the frequency (see it as the heartbeat of the grid) fell below the critical threshold. Such a high deviation is rarely seen on European grids. The frequency should be as close to 50Hz as possible for a smooth running grid. This time it dropped to 49.74, very close to a catastrophic failure.

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