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Shorthand States: 'The boil has got to be lanced'

Simon De La Rue and Matt Fallaize are joined by P&R president Peter Ferbrache, with debate on a motion of no confidence in his committee set to take place on Friday.

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  • Shorthand States: SACC under pressure?

    Simon De La Rue and Matt Fallaize round up a one-day February meeting as States’ Assembly & Constitution Committee president Carl Meerveld is accused of ‘hiding’ behind excuses over a lack of progress.
  • Education to face further challenges?

    As States members prepare to return to the Royal Court this week, James Falla and Matt Fallaize consider the challenges coming down the line as ESC looks to see its transformation project through, including interviews with Deputy Aiden Matthews on his objections to plans to move the sixth form centre to La Mare and a response from Education president Andrea Dudley-Owen. Plus there's a look ahead to the February meeting and a relatively light agenda.
  • What last month’s decision to fund Les Ozouets means for education

    Simon De La Rue is joined by Education president Deputy Andrea Dudley-Owen and director of education Nick Hynes to talk about what the future of education now looks like following the States’ recent decision to fund Les Ozouets.Listen out for the second part of this interview, covering some of the challenges to Education’s latest plans, later this week.
  • Shorthand States: Fixed penalty notices increased

    Simon De La Rue recaps the final day of the States’ January meeting.
  • Shorthand States: Island-wide election changes ruled out for 2025

    Simon De La Rue is joined by SACC member Deputy Simon Fairclough after the States rejected a move to explore changing the island’s electoral system ahead of the next election.
  • Shorthand States: £88m Ozouets plan backed

    Simon De La Rue and Matt Fallaize recap the first day of the States’ first meeting of 2024 as members backed a new plan on education funding for Les Ozouets.
  • Deputy St Pier on rolling elections, the latest education plan, and life as a backbencher

    Matt Fallaize is joined by Deputy Gavin St Pier to talk about the state of local politics, why he wants the idea of rolling island-wide elections investigated, his reaction to the new P&R’s new plan to fund education, and life on the back benches.Stay tuned for daily Shorthand States updates on this feed as the States return this week for the first meeting of 2024.
  • Deputy Ferbrache on his time as P&R president

    Former chief minister Peter Ferbrache joins for an extended interview as James Falla and Matt Fallaize round up 2023 in island politics and look ahead to what the new year has in store.
  • Shorthand States: Move to block mooring fees hike fails

    Simon De La Rue and Matt Fallaize round up the final day of debate at the States this year, as a move to block hikes in mooring fees loses by just one vote.