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Deputy Vermeulen on mooring fees, waste, GP11 and Aurigny

Simon De La Rue and Matt Fallaize are joined by Deputy Simon Vermeulen, a member of Economic Development and Home Affairs, to talk about the issues currently facing Aurigny and a trio of requetes that he is putting his name to relating to mooring fees, parish waste, and planning — the first two of which will be debated at next week’s meeting.

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  • Shorthand Scrutiny: HSC

    Tony Curr is joined by Press reporters Mark Ogier and Matt Fallaize and Mike Read from CareWatch to discuss Health & Social Care’s appearance in front of the Scrutiny panel.
  • Shorthand States: Members back GP11 move after abrupt finish

    Simon De La Rue and Matt Fallaize wrap up this week’s meeting after an abrupt finish to the GP11 debate.
  • Shorthand States: GP11 set to be suspended

    Simon De La Rue and Matt Fallaize recap the first day of this week’s States meeting and a lively debate on a controversial planning policy.
  • Shorthand States: April meeting preview

    Simon De La Rue and Matt Fallaize look ahead to this week’s States meeting, where a debate on the controversial GP11 planning policy will be the focus alongside a potentially interesting election for the vacant seat on Health & Social Care.For more on GP11, listen to our previous podcast featuring three members of Development & Planning — and stay tuned for updates on this feed throughout the week.
  • GP11, the DPA, and solving the housing crisis

    Ahead of a States debate this week on the controversial GP11 planning policy, Matt Fallaize is joined by three members of the Development & Planning Authority — president Victoria Oliver, vice-president Andy Taylor and John Dyke, who is leading a move to have it scrapped — to discuss the issues around affordable housing and whether house building has been stifled since its introduction.
  • ‘States has underperformed, but why?’

    As the build-up begins to next year’s second island-wide election, Matt Fallaize is joined by Guernsey’s longest-serving politician, Deputy Peter Roffey, chairman of the think tank Gpeg, Lord Digby Jones and the man chairing a review of the States, Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, to discuss the way the island is run — and whether it can be improved.
  • P&R president Lyndon Trott on 100 days in the role

    A little over 100 days since being re-elected as P&R president, Deputy Lyndon Trott joins Matt Fallaize to reflect on the role and talk about the big issues facing the island and islanders, including public finances, housing, and wages.
  • Shorthand States: Mooring fees move defeated

    Matt Fallaize and Mark Ogier speak to Deputies De Lisle and Roffey as the former’s move to cut an increase in mooring fees lost on the second and final day of the March meeting.Make sure to pick up Friday’s paper for full States coverage.
  • Shorthand States: A shock revelation from the HSC president

    Matt Fallaize and Mark Ogier are joined by P&R president Lyndon Trott after it was revealed by Health president Al Brouard in the States that he had been kept in the dark by staff for months as the projected cost of the hospital transformation project increased by tens of millions.Read more States coverage from the opening day of the March meeting in Thursday’s Press.