Growth & Gratitude


How to Get What You Want

Ep. 1

Why should we start every day with gratitude? Because it benefits our physical, emotional, and mental health. It helps us sleep better, increases our self-esteem and empathy, reduces aggressive tendencies, lowers blood pressure, and more. It also happens to be the perfect complement for growth. When we’re grateful for what we already have, we can invite more into our lives.

In our first episode together, I share the benefits of incorporating a consistent gratitude practice into your life. I also explain my simple yet powerful three-step process for setting and achieving goals for personal and professional growth. My method applies to any kind of growth - healthy living, career success, satisfying relationships, and much more. 

Using the SMART approach to set goals, we'll walk through three crucial steps: determining exactly what you want, managing your mind, and taking the right action. I’ll also provide relatable examples to help you visualize the process.

Join me in this first episode of Growth & Gratitude to get inspired to go after your own unique goals for growth, using gratitude to fuel your journey. I’ll be cheering you on and sharing new ideas to support you every month!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Three things to be grateful for (1:10)
  • Being grateful for what we have is an excellent way of attracting more (3:32)
  • The three-step process to get what we want (4:38)
  • How to set a SMART goal (5:29)
  • Why our goals must be challenging (6:19)
  • Making sure we manage our minds is key (8:17)
  • Although we know the right action to take, we might resist taking it. How can we fight that urge? (12:40)
  • We must trust in ourselves and our inner strength (18:14)

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