Sleep: Say goodnight to insomnia naturally, and get a great night's sleep!

Season 1, Ep. 8

This week Laura and Abi learn about one of their favourite hobbies, sleeping! Is sleep better for banishing wrinkles than botox? Why do women need more sleep than men? Does sleeping before midnight really make a difference? And how can you get rid of insomnia naturally?

This week's guest is Max Kirsten, an international sleep expert, speaker and an award-winning Sleep Coach. Max successfully treats Insomnia in London and all other anxiety related issues at his insomnia sleep clinic in Knightsbridge. He's also an award-winning Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Master NLP Success Coach and author. Max is dubbed "the hypnotherapist to the stars" with previous hypnotherapy clients including Adele, Ewan Mcgregor, Liam Payne, Tom Hardy and rumour has it David Cameron. Be sure to listen to the end where Max hypnotises Laura and Abi into a state of relaxed bliss.

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