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Stop Holding Back | Allow the Nature of Who You Are to Grow

Ep. 39

Inspired by the renewal Spring brings to life, I decided to take a pause, reflect, and celebrate the growth and progress I've made over the last months. One of the things I've been committed to during the previous year was being very intentional about my self-awareness, and I've noticed some changes I would like to share today.  

In this episode, we delve into the three main areas of my self-awareness journey that I've noticed a fantastic evolution in, and I'm sure you will find it very useful in your own growth journey. We explore the importance (and the difficulty) of being present, experiencing a deeper connection with our feelings, and preventing our hearts from traveling back to painful memories or the future into the fields of uncertainty. We touch on the relieving sensation of experiencing more acceptance and surrendering than resisting and the peace of letting our true self reach the surface.

In addition, we highlight the importance of actively practicing gratitude to keep us centered and aware of our efforts and their results. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What I've learned about the relationship between my tendency to resist and the importance of acceptance (2:01)
  • The importance of being aware of our two parts, the one that wants to heal and the part that is afraid to heal (4:42)
  • About the importance of letting our true self reach the surface and take control (7:36)
  • The vital importance of being present (despite how hard it might look) (10:53)
  • We must create space to appreciate how far we've come (14:38)
  • We are unstoppable when our mind is quiet (18:32)


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