Growing Through Grief


Rebirthing After Losing of A Loved One

Ep. 25

As I enjoyed the beautiful, colorful spectacle of Autumn, my mind got caught on nature's perfect life cycle. Let's look at the trees, for instance. They let go of the leaves that will inevitably die during Winter; they release them on the floor so they can nurture their own roots. It is during Autumn that they start getting ready for Winter's dark and cold times. They create space and get ready for the growing season of Spring, right before they gloom as hard as they can during the Summer. 

It occurred to me that we can use nature's wisdom in our lives, and more specifically, in our relationships with grief.

In this episode, we talk about Autumn, loss, grief, and holidays. We go through the importance of getting our minds ready to spend the following holidays, perhaps the first ones for many people, without our loved ones. We talk about our thoughts, the places we decide to visit with our minds, and the things we have the power to decide in advance. Also, inspired by nature's life cycle, I decided to play a bit and created a Growing Through Grief acronym for Autumn. 

Tune in and listen to episode 25 of Growing Through Grief and get inspired by nature; start preparing today for Winter, make space to grow, and decide what kind of holidays you'll have.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The perfect time to reflect, replenish our souls, and refresh our minds (2:31)
  • Now is when we get to decide how to move through grief during holidays (5:27)
  • What it means to be in alignment and understanding the truth we tell ourselves about what happened (7:27)
  • Why it is crucial we get underneath that truth (9:40)
  • The importance of building a community (12:29)

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Dr. Naeema | The Lie that Led to a Hate Crime, Truth, and Healing

Ep. 52
The inspiring Dr. Naeema Olatunji is visiting us today to talk about the healing process of souls and spirits from racialized trauma.Dr. Naeema Olatunji is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Owner of Elevate Family Chiropractic, host of Elevate NOW! podcast, and author of "Raised as a Lie," a memoir born from a healing process that took her decades to come to terms with. Dr. Naeema was the only Brown person in a white family; her Black heritage was hidden in plain sight and never discussed. She grew up as an outsider, feeling invisible, where her presence wasn't celebrated but tolerated.In this episode, Dr. Naeema kindly shared her story, her upbringing, and the moment her life turned upside down at 18 when her life was threatened by a hate crime, which made her ask questions about her origin.Throughout our conversation, we explore the intricacies of healing from racialized trauma, the importance of being grateful for our losses, and the grief they provoke in us, pushing us to grow and become better versions of ourselves. Dr. Naeema describes her process of discovering herself as a Black woman, the pain and the rejection suffered, and how she freed herself from that prolonged grief.Some Questions I Ask:Why do you feel it is so crucial for you to tell your story? (12:26)Can you unpack the lies you talk about in your book? (21:31)How did you come to embrace the parts you grew up hating about yourself? (32:10)In This Episode, You Will Learn:How becoming a Chiropractor felt like reaching an extension of Dr. Naeema's tribe (5:59)The walls Dr. Naeema built around her heart throughout her life (15:21)Dr. Naeema describes the feeling of hiding so much under the rug until it becomes a mountain (19:43)Attachment vs. authenticity (29:27)Dr. Naeema's experiences at College, embracing her Blackness (36:36)The importance of bringing awareness towards ancestral trauma (45:41)Resources:Elevate Family Chiropractic websiteElevate NOW! podcastBook: Naeema Olatunji - Raised as a LieGrowing Through Grief System - Book NowConnect with Dr. Naeema:LinkedInLet's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief Together

Edy Nathan | How Sexual Trauma and Grief Become Sexual Hunger

Ep. 51
Healing from abuse, especially for women, who understand and feel their bodies as their "queendom," their sacred castle, is extraordinarily challenging and multilayered. That healing process could translate into never letting anyone touch them again or opening themselves to everyone. It could also become an eating disorder, getting a bigger and thicker shell to protect the self.Visiting us today is Edy Nathan to talk about sexual grief or the response to a sexually traumatic event and how to dance with grief instead of rejecting it.Edy is an author, keynote speaker, licensed therapist, and grief expert. She is a certified sex therapist from the American Association of Sex Therapists, a hypnotherapist, and an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) practitioner with more than 20 years of experience.In this episode, we dive into Edy's grief stories, childhood traumas, and how she got into the grief recovery realm. We talk about the importance of creating our rituals of wisdom, using toys and games to reconnect and develop the self, and the importance of active listening when trying to help others deal with their grief.We also talk about generational trauma and why women must reunite and stop competing with each other. Edy kindly shared a beautiful story, full of golden nuggets of wisdom and bits of her new book, which is soon to be published.Some Questions I Ask:You lived in this multicultural environment and then moved to an all-white one. And those experiences there created some grief experiences. Could you talk a bit about that? (7:47)What things did you do to support yourself during that moment of your life when you felt you didn't belong? (13:31)In This Episode, You Will Learn:Edy talks about her grief experiences in life (9:45)Edy explains how games and playing can help us rebuild ourselves and how playing with clay helped her (13:32)Edy talks about the importance of identifying what kind of hunger we are feeling when we feel the urge to eat (19:08)Edy describes the importance of listening to those suffering and grieving (26:26)Edy and Diana talk about generational trauma (32:13)Edy shares details of her new book (40:37)Resources:Edy Nathan's websiteBook: Edy Nathan - It's Grief: The Dance of Self-Discovery Through Trauma and LossGrowing Through Grief System - Book NowConnect with Edy:LinkedInInstagramTwitterFacebookYouTubeLet's Connect!FacebookTwitter

Karla Noland | Start Reparenting Yourself Now!

Ep. 50
Grief is such a complex emotion. It shows up in our lives to teach us about compassion, forgiveness, and growth, and most importantly, it is a reminder that love never dies and is the world's most powerful force.Today, Karla Noland joins us to share her grief story and how she learned to co-exist with this complex emotion during her mother's transition.She is an award-winning Author and Speaker, Certified Personal Development & Executive Coach, and the Founder and CEO of Reveal, Heal, Thrive, LLC. Her latest book, "The Day My Heart Turned Blue," was awarded the 2022 Eric Hoffer Award.In this episode, we delve into Karla's grief experiences, the day her heart turned blue, and the growing process she began when she started grieving for her mother. We discuss the importance of healing childhood traumas and giving ourselves grace for the things we couldn't build in our lives. Karla explains how she dismantled her core beliefs about not being good enough and shares actionable insights to deal with our inner critics.Some Questions I Ask:Could you share with us about that experience of your heart turning blue before your mother transitioned to her new life? (8:44)What did growth look like for you during that whole process? (11:28)Could you talk about the tools you now have to support you in creating happy, healthy relationships? (21:53)In This Episode, You Will Learn:Karla talks about the grueling process of realizing she had no control over what was happening to her mother (9:38)How Karla dealt with her childhood traumas (12:12)How Karla dismantled her inner critic (23:12)How to deal with mothers who are alive but emotionally unavailable (29:34)The self-imposed prison of depression and how Karla managed to get out of it (40:38)Resources:Reveal, Heal, Thrive websiteBook: The Day My Heart Turned Blue: Healing After the Loss of My MotherGrowing Through Grief System - Book NowConnect with Karla:LinkedInInstagramTwitterFacebookYouTubeLet's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief Together