Growing Through Grief


Diana Curtis | Learn How to Grieve, You Will Grieve Less

Ep. 40

Since we all will have to go through grief sooner or later, we should learn how to make our grieving processes easier. Learning how to grieve to suffer less is possible; it requires a reasonable effort, and the reward is enormous.

In today's episode, we will effectively go through the process that will help us deal with our grief in a less painful and growth-promoting way. We start our journey by identifying the different parts of ourselves, what parts of our behavior are under their control, how they interact between them, and what we should focus on to get the best out of them. 

We discuss the need to include a divine element into our grieving process, whether we call it God, essence, or spirit. We analyze the attacks suffered by Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson during her Supreme Court confirmation hearings. We look at the darkness, the unresolved pain coming from the Senators, and the light, the humanness glowing from Judge Jackson. In the end, we practice a five minutes meditation that will help you meet with yourself and receive the power of being anchored to the power of spirit. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Grief is a holistic experience (1:57)
  • Self-awareness is a must if we want to learn how to grieve (3:47)
  • The importance of acknowledging our logical and divine self (7:25)
  • How to invite our divinity into our grieving process (12:27)
  • Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's story (13:43)
  • A meditation session to meet with ourselves (21:32)

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