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Why You Need to Worry About Your Next Drug Test

Season 1, Ep. 1
Groovy Hemp Company THC-Free CBD Products (Hover Over THC-Free)
Are You a CBD User & Have an Employee Drug Test in Your Very Near Future?

Welcome back to Groovy Hemp Podcasts, In this podcast, you’ll get to hear:

  • How your next employee drug test relates to the type of CBD you might be using on a regular basis
  • The difference between THC CBD (Full Spectrum) and THC-Free CBD (Broad-spectrum and Isolate) and how that influences your next employee drug test.
  • Are there any dependable substances or methods that can either flush or at least mask THC? Do they really work? Can they help you pass your next employee drug test?
  • The type of CBD Groovy Hemp Company recommends so you can pass your next employee drug test.
  • What are the possible consequences if you flunk that employee drug test?

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