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The Fasting Mimicking Diet with Prolon’s Dr. James Kelley

Season 1, Ep. 20

Today I sit down with James Kelley, MD, MBA, Consulting Medical Science Liaison of Pronlon.

I am on my 2nd round of it in two months and it is quite the experience.  Click here for my link where you can get 10% off (that’s $25 a box plus free shipping) - use GROOMEDLA or GROOMEDLASUB (for a subscription).

Excited to hear your thoughts! 

“The main health benefits of the Fasting Mimicking Diet are due to the metabolic and cellular effects of the diet. While most diets focus on weight loss, the Fasting Mimicking Diet not only induces weight loss but also maintains healthy levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar and other important health markers. Due to these effects, the Fasting Mimicking Diet was granted the first patent in history on promoting tissue/organ regeneration, Longevity and Healthspan July 10th, 2018. The FMD holds multiple patents discovered and clinically tested by the laboratory of Valter Longo and Keck Hospital at the University of Southern California (USC). These patents are exclusively licensed to L-Nutra and include indications such as cancer, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. USC and multiple research centers around the world are currently researching the impact of the FMD on these diseases.”

James brings both clinical and business experience to L-Nutra. His background is in the development of early stage medical and biotechnology, in addition to working with physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. James completed his M.D. at The Ohio State University, and was the inaugural Research Fellow at the Ohio Health Research and Innovation Institute. He finished his MBA at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. He has worked with the USC Alfred Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering, the Lloyd Grief Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, and the Stevens Institute of Technology. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cell Biology from the University of Virginia, and completed his Neuroscience Masters coursework at Miami University. Prior to joining the L-Nutra team, he was the head of Inventor Services at The Innovation Institute, a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic Innovations group focused on developing and commercializing new and innovative healthcare solutions.

ProLon launched in the United States on September 21, 2016, and quickly expanded into 12 international countries. Today, ProLon has globally impacted the lives of 80,000 consumers in the United States and Europe. L-Nutra will be expanding into Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Japan and China. The company is on track to be one of the fastest growing nutri-technology companies with breakthrough scientific research and a rich pipeline of fasting mimicking diets.

ProLon has helped over 80,000 individuals to improve their wellbeing. More than 5,500 healthcare providers have recommended ProLon to their patients. “Our goal is to scientifically uncover all the health benefits of fasting and make them available to billions of individuals,” says Dr. Antoun. “We are aiming at enhancing human longevity by many years, and we believe it is within in our reach,” continued Dr. Antoun.

As part of the commitment of the company to help improve the health of others, ProLon inventor, Dr. Valter Longo, generously donates all profits from his 60% share in L-Nutra to the Create Cures Foundation, whose mission is to help fund ways to prevent illness and promote longer, healthier lives.

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Kate Northrup Wants Us To Do Less

Season 1, Ep. 21
Ever since stumbling uponKateNorthrup’s10 day Money Love Challenge years ago - that created a massive $$$ shift for me, I have been a totalKatefan girl. Imagine my DELIGHT (!!!) when we podcasted - I mean WHOA!Some peeps go go-go over entertainment celebs - me? A bad-ass female entrepreneurs who focuses on helping women understand everything there is to know about money - from the spiritual, emotional to the cold hard material facts about how to DEAL WITH IT. Truly incredible work and what a revelation to get into how cleaning up the mess around finances (what I call Financial Feng Shui!) is an act of self-love. Yes, self-love. Add financial health to the list of manicures, hot yoga, and getting your roots done. It’s a true act of self-care to know, with unequivocalawareness, the state of our financial health. I had totally buried so much of this into the recesses of my mind - but over the past few years have awakened to the power of how important it is to be brutally honest with our financials.Of courseKate’s bookMoney, A Love Story- is a tome to this that every woman MUST READ!And now she has anew book!Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy MomsDo I need to say more?Katehas a revolutionary approach to time management that every mom needs to read (ok, dads too not to mention NON PARENTS!)I can’t wait for you to listen. And for those of you who wonder about this stuff - yes, she is even yummier, more delightful, authentic, warm, lovely and BFF vibes IN REAL LIFE!More aboutKate!Northrup is a fierce advocate for revolutionizing the way we work, seeing and that women and working mothers are often under immense pressure to “just get it all done” at the end of the day without complaint.Northrup’s book is a practical guide for mothers and working women to learn how to do less, but to still remain productive, ambitious and overall, to not feel guilty about taking a moment to reprioritize and get focused. Northrup experienced a burn-out herself during her pregnancy, when she experienced extreme fatigue and wasn’t able to maintain longer working hours.Fearful that making this shift would affect her business, Northrup was shocked when her company earned just as much as when she was overworking herself to the point of exhaustion.In this interview we discuss:•What is the do less method, and how to step away from the concept that doing more is the only way to be productive and successful.•How to practice body first, business second and why taking care of your body first (rest, water, a snack) will increase your productivity.• The best way to streamline your to-do-list in order to do less and still reach peak efficiency•The importance of tracking your menstrual cycle in relation to your work, which will give you a better idea of what you should be prioritizing each week. For example, during your menstrual cycle is the best time for rest and reflection. While your physical energy might not be at it’s highest, your brain is most wired for connectivity and brainstorming.•Managing your energy and your emotions at the office.• Empowering yourself to be in a position to ask for help (Hint: it’s easier than it looks!)To hope on the fasting mimicking diet train with me - Our next PROLON group fast starts May 13th.Click herefor my link where you can get 10% off (that’s $25 a box plus free shipping) -use GROOMEDLA or GROOMEDLASUB(for a subscription).

The Light Diet with Matt Maruca

Season 1, Ep. 19
Take note,Matt Marucais going to blow up. At the age on 19, he’s crusading to shedlight(no pun) on the health dangers of our incessant bluelightexposure (think phones, screens, etc). Matt is on a mission to expose how we are deeply disrupting our circadian rhythm and hormones by allowing bluelightinto our systems in such a profound way. Matt goes byTheLightDieton Instagram where you can find informative bite size riffs about the science behind all of it. He also createdRa Optics, the leading blue blockerglasses on the market.For 10% off glasses - use GROOMEDLA at check out!Ra Optics: Maruca: Jack Kruse:’s book picks:Going Somewhere: Truth about a Life in Science by Andrew MarinoThe Fourth Phase of Water byGerald PollockHealth andLightby John OttThe Body Electric by Robert O. BeckerThe Healing Sun by Richard HobdayLightin Shaping Life: Biophotons in Biology and MedicineThe Vital Question by Nick LaneLife at the Cell and Below-Cell Level by Gilbert LingPlease join me with Prolon - 5 day Fasting MimickingDiet!I am so deep into this fasting thing - you have no idea. It really is the key to longevity.If you use this link and code you can get 10% off a box of ProLon and I promise I will fast with you! (Yes, I’m obsessed!!)Use : GROOMEDLA at checkout or GROOMEDLASUB if you’re a wellness beast and wanna do 3 in row.Use my special link: out the ProLonHome:

Meghan Wallace James

Season 1, Ep. 18
Finally! Launching into 2019 with no other than Meghan Wallace James - Modern Feng Shui consultant and all around queen of all things style, organization, sexy stuff and shui. We get right into it and under the belly of what all this feng shui is about and why it works so damn good.Meghan Wallace James is the founder and creative visionary of her namesake’s consultancy, which reintroduces glamour and privacy into our modern experience through Feng Shui.While society propagates self-broadcasting in a virtual world over self-realization in the physical world, James has developed a tailored yet pragmatic interpretation of this ancient art form to enable fewer possessions, more beauty and more sex.James’ work serves as a catalyst for those in quest of a proven approach to navigating core tenants of life: love, family, purpose, wealth, and health.Clients credit her with providing an invaluable blueprint and distinctive transmission: the ability to manifest via home and wardrobe.With gentle depth, James empowers refined growth and clarity, step by step, season by season, year by year.Layering her childhood in an ongoing Victorian renovation, work experience as a manufacturing engineer-turned-fashion designer, and professional certifications in Eastern and Western Feng Shui, James has developed a portfolio of offerings.Based in Los Angeles with her two young sons, she is an author, speaker and educator, connecting with a worldwide clientele.Meghan on Insta :@meghan.wallace.james.Her website:meghanwallacejames.comThe shui hotline:1-833-866-7584Episode brought to you by:Sun Potion– My obsessive crush Delicious farm to table and the new Keto home delivery meals and cleanse : GROOMEDLA20Bedjet: secret sleep hack weapon! Cool or heat your side of the bed.doTERRA:The essential oils I can’t live without. Production: Analog Candle