Groomed LA

Welcome to the Groomed LA Podcast! Hosted by Emily Wagner, Editor In Chief of the LA's Lo-key Luxury Hi-vibe Life Design blog, Groomed LA. Emily is a notorious connector, communicator, content creator and obsessive info junkie. She's a multi-slash, multi-media creative whose career has traversed entertainment, wellness, design, teaching, fitness and parenting. Is that career? Who cares. If it’s a creative role involving communication and dynamic story telling, Emily's had it.

Expect passionate chats with disruptors, innovators, entrepreneurs and long-time pros in wellness, longevity, nutrition, bio-hacking, anti-aging, medicine, sexuality, fitness and entertainment. Also insightful scoop on conscious-living, career survival, burn out, failures, success and re-do's, divorce, sex, intimacy, single-parenting, social media, pop culture, insider Hollywood talk and whatever else Emily loses sleep over. Which is most everything.

Emily has been an actress, writer, filmmaker, artist, creative director, designer, yogi, fitness and arts teacher. Her most notable accomplishment is lasting15 years on the long-running NBC blockbuster ER in the role Doris Pickman, the snarky paramedic. She also did a few more cool things that look really good on paper but you can just Google it.