Tom Rosenthal

Season 10, Ep. 179

This week Cariad talks to the brilliant musician Tom Rosenthal about his dad. As ever we talk grief, blended families & how you never quite know until it's here.

You can find out more about Tom here and you can follow him on Twitter @tomrosenthal and Instagram @tomrosenthal1

You can follow the Griefcast on Twitter + Instagram @thegriefcast. Griefcast is hosted by Cariad Lloyd, edited by Kate Holland, recorded remotely in Cariad's living room, artwork is by Jayde Perkin, stop motion social media clips by Alice Loveday and the music is provided by The Glue Ensemble. And remember, you are not alone.

Cariad's book, You Are Not Alone, is published in January 2023, by Bloomsbury Tonic and available for pre-order now.

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