Sam Irving

Season 8, Ep. 155

This week Cariad talks to improviser and actor Sam Irving (Spontaneous Sherlock & Spontaneous Potter) about his experience of the Dunblane School massacre. Sam was a pupil at the Dunblane Primary school when the massacre occurred in 1996. As ever we talk grief, processing trauma after many years + Bob Dylan.

Here is the list of organisations that Sam mentions in the show:

- Change The Ref - empowering young people to enact societal change, particularly around gun regulation and the NRA. Founded by the parents of one of the Parkland victims. 

- Newtown Action Alliance - founded by Newtown residents after the Sandy Hook massacre. Pushing for legislative and cultural change to reduce gun violence.

- March For Our Lives - a student-led volunteer group campaigning for an end to gun violence 

- Gun Control Network - UK-based non-profit founded after the Dunblane massacre, pushing for further gun control measures in the UK.

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