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Grief and Finances with Donna Kendrick

Ep. 106

Managing finances when you’re walking through grief after the loss of a spouse can feel paralyzing.

In this episode, I am joined by Donna Sephton Kendrick, a Certified Financial Planner practitioner who holds the Series 7, 66, and PA Accident and Health, Life, and Fixed Annuities.  She helps people prepare for their futures and navigate the sudden loss of their spouses with financial stability. Her experience after the sudden death of her husband motivated her to start her practice.

Throughout this episode, Donna shares her experience with grief and how having a financial advisor helped her regain control. You’ll learn the importance of keeping your important documents and details organized. Additionally, you’ll learn why it's important to include the community when making funeral arrangements for a loved one.

Listen to episode 106 of Grief and Happiness to hear how Donna regained control after the loss of her husband! 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Donna shares her experience with grief (00:57)
  • Donna explains how her financial advisor helped her navigate window hood (05:00)
  • Donna explains how being organized can help execute your will seamlessly (09:03)
  • Why reaching out to the community is important when making funeral arrangements (17:57)

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The Strength to Live with Cindy Tank-Murphy

Ep. 114
Trigger warning: Today's episode touches on extremely sensitive and upsetting topics.Losing someone to suicide is perhaps one of the most challenging and painful forms of grieving. Is it possible to find healing and hope after a loss from suicide? In today's episode, I'm joined by the Best-selling author, International speaker, and Mental Health advocate, Cindy Tank-Murphy, author of "The Strength to Live: Finding Healing and Hope After a Loss From Suicide." Cindy's work promotes conversations about overcoming the grief from suicide and the mental health epidemic the world is suffering from. Although the idea of writing a book had always been in Cindy's head, she never thought her first book would be about suicide, motivated by her father's decision to take his own life.  Throughout this episode, Cindy shares how losing her father to suicide in 2014 abruptly changed her views on grief and mental health issues and urged her to build safer places for her thoughts and feelings through writing. We also talk about how crucial it is to pay attention to the immense power of words and how to release fears and experience healing through writing and journaling. Additionally, we discuss how touching on sensible topics, such as the death of a child, might help to heal, the importance of losing the fear of saying something inappropriate, and more. Listen to episode 114 of Grief and Happiness and discover new ways of connecting with your strength to live after a loss from suicide. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Cindy and her decision to write a book about suicide and mental health (2:11)How to deal with ignorant comments (9:13)The importance of acknowledging red flags (16:18)The therapeutic properties of writing your feelings on a piece of paper (22:05)How to be at peace with knowing that you might say the wrong thing at the wrong time (31:01)Connect with Cindy:WebsiteInstagramFacebookEmail: cindy@thestrengthtolive.comBook: Cindy Tank-Murphy - The Strength to Live: Finding Healing and Hope After a Loss From SuicideLet's Connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitterPinterestThe Grief and Happiness AllianceBook: Emily Thiroux Threatt - Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief

Rediscovering Love After Death and Grief with Turner Grant

Ep. 112
It is possible to go on, no matter how impossible it seems, and in time, the grief lessens.In this episode, I am joined by Turner Grant,  an architect who lives in Washington, DC. After a life-long battle with depression, his wife of twenty years took her own life the day after Mother’s Day in 2010. Widowed at age fifty-one and deep in grief, Turner often found daily routines difficult and his work arduous. But after two years, he embarked on a journey to find his future, both in life and in love. His recently published book chronicles this journey.Throughout this episode, Turner shares his experience with grief and how it impacted his life. He also shares why the depression conversations need to happen more often to help those fighting it. Additionally, he’ll share his experiences trying to rediscover love and why he decided to write a book about it.Listen to episode 112 of Grief and Happiness to hear about Turner’s journey from grief to trying to rediscover love! In This Episode, You Will Learn:Turner’s experience with grief (00:36)Why the phrase death by suicide is right (12:04)Why we need to have more conversations around depression (18:46)Turner shares his experience trying to date again (29:18)Resources:Book - To Venus and Back: One Man's Quest to Rediscover LoveConnect with Turner:WebsiteLet's Connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitterPinterestThe Grief and Happiness AllianceBook: Emily Thiroux Threatt - Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief