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Building a Service of Personalized Grief Support with Emma Payne

Ep. 48

Do you feel like there’s no one you can turn to that will provide the support you need for the grief you are experiencing? Look no further than Grief Coach. 

In this episode together, I am joined by Emma Payne. Emma is the Founder and CEO of Grief Coach, an innovative tech service that sends users personalized grief support via text message. Grief Coach combines Emma's passion for mobile technology and engagement, with her deep commitment to providing affordable, accessible, and personal grief support. After losing her husband to suicide, Emma knows that, while grief is hard, it’s a little easier when we have people by our side.

Throughout this episode, Emma talks with me about her journey to building Grief Coach. You will learn about the poor experience she had at a grief support group that inspired the idea of Grief Coach, what the Grief Coach user experience is like for both the griever and those unsure of how to best support someone grieving, why grief care should be treated like health care, and so much more. 

Tune in and listen to episode 48 of Grief and Happiness, to learn how Emma has built Grief Coach and is providing people personalized grief support!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Emma’s inspiration to build Grief Coach (1:16)
  • Emma’s experience going to a grief support group (7:05)
  • What the Grief Coach user experience is like (9:44)
  • Why Emma believes that grief care is health care (23:40)

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Healing Grief Through Breathwork with Miriam Trahan

Ep. 46
Have you ever just taken a moment and focused on your breathing? If there is one neutral, unbiased experience, it is breathing that connects us all.In this episode together, I am joined by Miriam Trahan. Miriam is a breathwork expert and host of the podcast, Miriam’s Meditations: Breath and Light Nourishment podcast. Her journey with breathwork initially started through her studies with an advanced breath master, Swami Santiananda, who taught PranaVayu Breath Practice. Currently, Miriam is studying Light Body, as taught by Duane Packer of Luminessence. Exploring the power of breathwork has taught Miriam that these fields of inner being, consciousness, and subtle energies are her way to share and expand what it means to be human in these amazing times.Throughout this episode, Miriam and I have an insightful conversation. We talk about our individual experiences living in Hawaii, how breathwork has changed her life, different ways that breathework can be used for grief recovery, why breathwork teaches us about abundance, and so much more.Tune in and listen to episode 46 of Grief and Happiness, to learn how breathwork can help us throughout our journey of healing grief!In This Episode, You Will Learn:About a recent loss in Miriam’s life that reminded her of the power of community (3:38)Miriam’s background in breathwork (9:12)How loss impacts our breathing (11:32)About Miriam’s Meditation podcast (19:14)Abundance in relation to breathwork (21:55)Connect with Miriam:Miriam’s Meditation PodcastLet's Connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitterPinterestThe Grief and Happiness AllianceBook: Emily Thiroux Threatt - Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief