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Is This the Key to Navigating the GenAI Boom

Onehouse secures $35 million in Series B funding to improve its data lakehouse solution, designed for generative AI applications. Founded by Vinoth Chandar, Onehouse evolved from the Apache Hudi project at Uber and offers a data lake house that merges features of data warehouses and lakes for real-time data management and analysis. The funding will enhance Hudi's performance and reduce cloud storage costs. Major companies like Amazon, Disney, and Walmart have adopted Onehouse's technology. The company differentiates itself in the data management space by providing an open system that avoids vendor lock-in, essential for quality AI development.

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  • Landlords Skeptical as RealPage Defends Its Rental Pricing Technology Amidst

    RealPage, a rental pricing technology company, defends its software amidst ongoing legal challenges. Landlords express skepticism about the software's effectiveness and fairness. The legal battles center around concerns that the technology may contribute to unfair rental prices. While RealPage argues that its software helps landlords set competitive, market-based rents, opponents claim it may lead to price-fixing. The outcome of these legal challenges could impact the future use of rental pricing technologies in the real estate market.Learn more on this news visit us at:
  • Which Bridges in Your State Are About to Get a Massive Upgrade

    A significant federal investment of $5 billion targets upgrading or replacing dozens of aging bridges across 16 states. President Joe Biden's administration announced the funding as part of a larger $1.2 trillion infrastructure law signed in 2021, which dedicates $40 billion over five years to bridge projects. The largest chunk of $1.4 billion will fund the improvement of the vertical lift bridges over the Columbia River, connecting Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington. Other major projects include the Sagamore Bridge in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and various bridges in Mobile, Alabama, and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Despite these investments, the American Road and Transportation Builders Association estimates that $319 billion is still needed for nationwide bridge repairs. Currently, about 42,400 U.S. bridges are in poor condition, impacting both safety and the economy. Additional funds will support bridge projects in Rhode Island, Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, and bridges linking Ohio and West Virginia. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg emphasized the urgent need for these investments.Learn more on this news visit us at:
  • Why These Silicon Valley Titans Are Supporting Trump Over Biden

    Marc Andreessen, co-founder of a leading venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, historically a Democrat, now supports Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential race due to Trump's policies favoring tech and startups. Both Andreessen and his co-founder Ben Horowitz believe the future of technology and America is at significant risk. They argue that American success in technology, economy, and military has led to global dominance, especially highlighting tech's role in ending the Cold War. They criticize the Biden administration for overregulation and taxation that stifles innovation, contrasting it with Trump’s supportive stance on artificial intelligence and crypto. Andreessen cites Biden's unrealized capital gains tax proposal as a key reason for his shift, emphasizing it would harm startups by taxing valuation increases. Last year, Andreessen published a "Techno-Optimist Manifesto" highlighting the pivotal role of tech in societal growth.Learn more on this news visit us at:
  • Philadelphia Makes Bold Decision on Workforce Requirements

    Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker mandated all 26,000 city employees to work in the office five days a week, starting Monday. This ordinance, signed by Judge Sierra Thomas Street, faced opposition from city unions who sought a delay. Currently, around 80% of city employees already work on-site full-time. The decision aims to enhance government visibility and accessibility to residents and is not due to decreased productivity. Chief Administration Officer Camille Duchaussee noted that the move is part of a leadership strategy to maintain a positive workplace culture. Philadelphia leads among major U.S. cities in this return-to-office mandate. The average hourly wage for a Philadelphia city worker is $22.84. In related news, Greece has implemented a six-day workweek for certain private and agricultural sectors.Learn more on this news visit us at:
  • What Made Investors Pour $75M Into This New Chip Startup

    San Jose-based DreamBig Semiconductor secured $75 million in equity funding, co-led by Samsung Catalyst Fund and Sehat Sutardja. Founded in 2019, DreamBig develops chiplet platforms for large language models and generative AI, totaling nearly $93 million raised so far. The semiconductor sector thrives, driven by the AI craze, with companies developing cost-effective, energy-efficient, and fast generative AI chips. Other significant deals include's $120 million, Black Semiconductor's $275 million, Celestial AI's $175 million, and Recogni's $102 million. Venture funding for semiconductor startups reached nearly $5.7 billion in 2024 across 210 deals, showing strong investment despite fewer deals than the previous year.Learn more on this news visit us at:
  • What the End of This Tax Break Means for Entrepreneurs

    Tax breaks worth trillions of dollars, including the qualified business income (QBI) deduction, are set to expire after 2025 unless Congress acts. This deduction allows self-employed individuals and business owners to deduct up to 20% of eligible revenue. Enacted in 2017, the QBI deduction aims to align pass-through business tax rates with corporate tax rates. Approximately 25.9 million QBI claims were filed in 2021, up from 18.7 million in 2018. The cost of extending the QBI deduction is estimated at over $700 billion over ten years and faces scrutiny amid budget debates. Critics argue it predominantly benefits wealthy taxpayers, although IRS data indicates middle-income taxpayers also benefit. The expiration debate includes contrasting views from business advocates, policymakers, and experts, with President Joe Biden pledging to extend the tax breaks for those earning less than $400,000.Learn more on this news visit us at:
  • Latin American Fintechs Lead Unexpected Startup Funding Rebound

    Funding to Latin American startups rose significantly in the second quarter of 2024, driven by a resurgence in late-stage deals. Companies in South and Central America raised $791 million in seed- through growth-stage financing, marking a 25% rise from the previous quarter and a 17% increase from a year ago. Fintech led the recovery, with notable deals including $120 million for Celcoin and $100 million for Clip. Other sectors also saw large rounds, such as Incidium's $40 million and Akad Seguros' $22.5 million. Late-stage deals saw the biggest improvement, with Series C and beyond totaling $291 million. Early-stage investments remained stable at $386 million. Despite improvements, overall funding is still significantly below the record highs of 2021.Learn more on this news visit us at:
  • Can Walmart Get Gen Z Hooked on No Boundaries

    Walmart has relaunched its 30-year-old No Boundaries clothing line, targeting Generation Z with a new 130-piece fall collection. This initiative follows a three-year revamp of its adult apparel to merge practicality and style. The collection features modern items like baggy jeans, cropped T-shirts, faux leather corsets, and bomber jackets, mostly priced at $15 or less, with some pieces made from recycled fabrics. Sizes range from XXS to 5X, increasing inclusivity. Walmart markets this line on TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Roblox and tests new fashions in stores in major college towns. This strategy aims to position Walmart as a fashion destination, complementing its grocery offerings, and to compete with retailers like Target and American Eagle Outfitters. The company hired Brandon Maxwell as the creative director for upscale brands to enhance its fashion credibility. Social media influencers and events showcased Maxwell’s designs, underlining Walmart's commitment to quality fashion at low prices, vital for appealing to style-conscious Gen Z customers.Learn more on this news visit us at:
  • Amazon's Prime Day Sales Expected to Break Records Again

    Amazon's Prime Day on July 16 and 17, 2024, is projected to reach $14 billion in sales, marking a new record. Since its inception in 2015, Prime Day has become a significant revenue source, with sales growing yearly—reaching $12 billion in 2022 and $12.9 billion in 2023. Prime Day is exclusive to Amazon Prime members, who now number 200 million in the U.S. The event is a key period for back-to-school shopping, particularly in electronics and clothing, which Adobe Analytics predicts will have the highest discounts at 22% and 20%, respectively. Amazon is also moving towards using 100% recycled paper filler for packaging, reducing plastic use in 95% of deliveries in North America.Learn more on this news visit us at: