cover art for Chapter 2 - The Messenger


Chapter 2 - The Messenger

Season 1, Ep. 2

The world of Graven expands.

Intended for headphone listening.

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Graven was written and produced by Oliver Szabo.

Adam was performed by Ian Blancas.

Abigail was performed by Lindsay Zana

David was performed by Ethan Woodruff, or PancakeKING.

Madison was performed by Beth Lindly.

News Anchor was performed by Sir Kranch.

Nina was performed by Maddie Girouard

Weatherman was performed by Sean Curran.

The bandits were performed by Dexter Howard and Night_Guy

Prophet Apothe was performed by Wyatt West.

Original score composed by Blue Ayanami.

Foley sampled from and recorded by Brosnan Szabo.

Script edited by Theo Armstrong

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