A podcast featuring stories of entrepreneurs from disinvested communities across the United States, and their journeys of moving from ‘marginalized to mainstream’. It also features the ESOs, community stakeholders, and institutions that support grassroots economics. Each episode interviews individuals in which they discuss their issues, challenges, failures, opportunities and successes on the road to establishing a sustainable small business. The entrepreneurs themselves span across many different cultures and backgrounds, with most operating among historically disadvantaged communities and marginalized contexts. What each has in common is their desire to provide steady income for their families. This is not about going from welfare to becoming a millionaire; this is about the slow and steady process of moving from working class to middle class amidst an ever-changing gig economy.

Ethan Daly

Ethan Daly is a social entrepreneur with over twelve years of experience in developing programs and initiatives serving disinvested communities. He helped launch Sunshine Enterprises, a program that recruits and trains entrepreneurs to help them grow sustainable businesses in neighborhoods across Chicago. He now works with Partners Worldwide, building strategic partnerships to help address poverty through supporting entrepreneurs in cities and communities across the United States. He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife and four boys.