Graphic Novel Explorers Club



Season 6, Ep. 88

Episode 88

Greetings, Explorers! Prepare yourself to become a multi-modality hyper-genius after reading Omni. Story by Devin Grayson and art by Alitha E. MartinezHUMANOIDS published the comic in 2020.

Doctor Cecelia Cobbina is a surgeon working with Doctors Without Borders. While helping patients in Africa, Doctor Cobbina suddenly becomes gifted with hyper-intelligence. However, she’s not alone. Other people are gaining powers of their own. Finally, her new metahuman abilities come in handy as tries to figure out this mystery.

Frist, Johnny, Dennis, and Aubrey look at at the larger H1 Ignition Universe. Three of the series that make up the Ignition Universe are OmniStrange Lands, and Ignited. Next, they discuss how the hero’s powers manifest themself. Finally, they talk about the flawed, smart, and dynamic character that is the hero of this series. Additional topics include co-dependent superheroes; the bedside manners of doctors; and the Hippocratic Oath of letting a garbage truck hit people. Last of all, but not certainly not least, they look at the storytelling and art of Omni.

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