Graphic Novel Explorers Club


About Betty's Boob

Season 6, Ep. 87

Episode 87

Bonjour mes Explorateurs! In this episode we look at About Betty’s Boob. Written by Véro Cazot, art by Julie Rocheleau, and published by Archaia Entertainment in 2017.

About Betty’s Boob concerns a young woman named Betty waking up after her mastectomy. In addition to her surgery, she goes through a break up and losing her job. However, what seems to be the darkest time in Betty’s life may be the start of a bright new day. Above all, what could easily be a dark tale is told with humor, healing, and self-acceptance.

Aubrey, Johnny, and Dennis chat the lack of dialogue in the book. Next, they discuss the anti-Capitalism themes of the book. Finally, Aubrey examines the exploratory structure of the book. Additional topics include 80085; why the artisanal fake breast shop was done dirty; “boobdazzled”; the lack of comeuppance for the “villain”; another graphic novel by a French duo; and last, but not certainly not least, the storytelling and art of About Betty’s Boob.


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