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Ep. 3 - Julien Brustis, Winerie Parisienne

Season 1, Ep. 3

We sit down with Julien Brustis, winemaker of Winerie Parisienne, at The Grocery in Shoreditch or the scoop of the century, and to find out what makes Paris one of the most exciting places in the world to make wine.

Winerie Parisienne, the first wine producer and professional vineyard in Paris modern history has been a hit in the French Capital with its creative blends and striking identity. 

The current line-up from Winerie Parisienne include wines that have been made in Paris by sourcing grapes from top vineyards across France, all harvested by hand. 

It has also planted the first professional vineyard for 100 years (25 acres) in the Paris region (near Chateau de Versailles), under supervision of J. Brustis, a former oenologist at Chateau Angélus. 

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