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Episode 69 - Nextdoor: Connecting to Your Neighbors and Your Audience

Nextdoor is not just a platform for talking to your neighbors but you can use it to engage your audience, deliver information and get customer feedback. Find out more in our latest episode!

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  • Episode 73 - Innovating Beyond the Pandemic

    Want to find out what happened when we inadvertently created the “Innovation Lab” we’d always dreamed of when we switched to remote work due to the pandemic back in March? We innovated quickly because we had to and now we’re continuing because we can. Listen to our latest podcast episode to learn more about these grassroots efforts!
  • Episode 72 - Managing Social Media in a Pandemic and Beyond

    Want to know why now is the perfect time to rely on social media to stay connected to what’s going on in your community or with your audience? Find out how we are managing unprecedented activity across our social media platforms in our latest episode!
  • Episode 71 - Creating the City of the Future: Remote Work

    Find out what happened when our organization switched to remote work in less than 24 hours and how we're navigating this new world to continue to innovate and create a flexible work environment.
  • Episode 70 - It’s an Instagram World

    Want to know what we’re doing in Gilbert to engage residents and expand our reach on Instagram? Listen to our latest episode to find out tips and tricks for how to grow your following!
  • Episode 68 - The Future of Cities

    Cities must collaborate and cooperate to evolve and keep local government relevant into the future. Find out more on our latest podcast episode where we talk about what’s at stake for cities as we look forward.
  • Episode 67 - Building the City of the Future: Centralized Communications

    Want to know how to streamline your messaging and make a greater impact in your community? Listen to this episode to find out how we’re centralizing marketing and communications in all areas of our organization including public safety.
  • Episode 66 - Engagement & Connection: Using Resident Feedback to Drive Decisions

    As we plan to become the “City of the Future”, find out how we’re using the results of our recent National Citizen Survey to inform our decisions and improve lives. Listen to this episode as we take a closer look at the data and feedback we received from our residents.
  • Episode 65 - How Elected Officials Use Social Media for Good

    Listen to this episode to find out how and why elected officials can use social media as an effective tool to build relationships. Don’t be afraid! If your residents are online, you should be too!