Got Em' Coach

Got ‘Em Coach is a sneakers and basketball show Hosted by Tyrone Smith that focuses on a variety of quality court-related content as well as good sneaker info. It revolves around lifestyle, fashion, basketball banters and everything good about the court life. Basketball means a lot of different things to different persons. For us, it is something special – an art, a dream and a passion. We consider basketball to be a very important part of what we do as a show and consider it as a very powerful channel of expression. Having this shown to share our passion with other basketball lovers is a significant thing and it is why each show is as important as the last. 

Tyrone Smith

Born on July 14th 1989, Tyrone started the media company The Xcluzive Breakdown in 2017 with his first major production being the Got Em' Coach Podcast which debuted on March 17th 2017. Outside of show, Tyrone is a avid sneaker collector with over 125 pairs of shoes.