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Episode 25: CES

Ep. 25

Current Ambassador of NYC Graffiti, CES talks with Claw about his origins in Westchester and the Bronx, crazy old jobs, and “painting all night and racking everyday”. Woah, and then getting his Instagram hacked!

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  • 29. Episode 29: Museum of Graffiti

    While Miami has cemented itself as the new epicenter for pop art and commerce, the neighborhood of Wynwood within it, may then be the epicenter of street art and graffiti. Sadly "street art," as it were, which can at times be both terrible and awe inspiring, still owes its very existence to graffiti. With it now so dominant, commercial and otherwise, a few individuals dedicated to celebrating the roots of the artform have joined forces to launch the Museum of Graffiti. The brainchild of Alan Ket, Mare 139 (both veterans in the game and international ambassadors of the culture) and their partner, pro-graff attorney Allison Freidin. Dedicated to educating the public, bringing top tier talent and elevating the culture, their journey is still in its infancy. Even during the lockdown, they're working on virtual exhibits and nightly art talks. Give a listen to a pre-pandemic and decidedly more upbeat chat that Claudia recorded a week before lockdown on location in Miami about the museum and its assertions. 
  • 28. Episode 28: Kaves

    A true Renaissance Man of art, music and subculture, Kaves aka Michael McLeer, tells of his early days bombing the buses in Brooklyn, break dancing and going on tour with House of Pain. He tells of the rise of his band, The Lords of Brooklyn as well as his new careers: acting and owning a popular, family-run restaurant.
  • 27. Episode 27: Bill Adler

    The inception of Rap Music: NYC, early 80's, writer-publicist, Bill Adler was right there, at the very beginning of Def Jam helping explode the movement worldwide. He talks with Claw about all of it as well as growing up in Motown, writing for the Voice and People Magazine and the cultural significance and future of Hip Hop.
  • 26. Episode 26: April Walker

    The queen of Hip Hop fashion, April Walker gets real with Claw. From early Brooklyn days with Run DMC and Biggie, to huge success with her own company, Walker Wear. This is a strong woman who can tell it like it is and you should listen.
  • 24. Episode 24: Ari Forman

    Guerrilla marketing pioneer and social commentary artist, Ari Forman talks with Claw about growing up wild in 70's Hollywood in an "alternative lifestyle" where Mom showed him porn. Moving to Philly, he had to survive "Warriors" style runs daily, just to get to school, and avoid the gangs. He may also be the king of the cease & desist with his brilliant Menthol 10s sneaker, biting both Nike and Newport at the same time!
  • 23. Episode 23: Pjay

    Real Deal NYC OG and one of graffiti's most infamous writers, PJ talks with Claw about graffiti and gangs, from Chicago to the Bronx, bootlegging T-shirts for 70's bands and taking revenge for getting stabbed in the chest.
  • 22. Episode 22: Aymann Ismail

    Videographer and self-appointed, ambassador of Islam, Aymann Ismail talks with Claw about experiencing 911 as a young Muslim boy in New Jersey, scaling dangerous heights to make the ultimate video, and becoming a meme at the Republican convention.
  • 21. Episode 21: Hugo Martinez

    Hugo Martinez is one of the most controversial figures in graffiti. A polarizing figure, yes - yet so, so crucial. His vision of what seminal graffiti represented, as well as what it could be, helped to shape its evolution. He influenced the public, but also writers themselves, by imbuing the sense that this was, indeed, "real" and important art. Born in New York City, that art, and those writers, now identifying as artists, became the archetype of what has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon, forever altering our view and appreciation of what art is and can be.Find out more: