cover art for Episode 4: Below the Belt - It's More Than Kegels with Stephanie Kelsick PT, OCS, CSCS

Episode 4: Below the Belt - It's More Than Kegels with Stephanie Kelsick PT, OCS, CSCS

Season 1, Ep. 4

In Episode 4: Below the Belt, It’s More than Kegels, Madeleine and Irene talk with Stephanie about pelvic floor health for women at any age. Steph introduces the frequency and commonality among women and men who experience pelvic floor impairments and what can potentially be done about them. Madeleine sheds light on the shame attached to discussing what society has conditioned people to believe about healthcare for women and girls. Irene lets the body talk, with commentary about strength training for the pelvic floor and what’s currently being done with gogetHER personal training clients. 

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  • 5. Episode 5: Healthy Shifts with Sara Davenport

    In this minisode, Madeleine interviews former TV news anchor turned social selling professional Sara Davenport. Madeleine and Sara discuss 'The Great Resignation,' a period when millions of Americans shifted careers amidst a global health pandemic. Sara talks about leaving television news prior to the movement, empowering others who are eager to make a change. Madeleine sheds light on the current state of the fitness and wellness industry, forecasting a future where anyone can enter - with the right credibility and resources.
  • 3. Episode 3: Making Friends in the Industry; the Return to Live Education

    LIVE from their hotel in Dallas, Texas, Irene and Madeleine share their take on one of the largest fit cons to return to an in-person show post-pandemic. At IHRSA, Irene talks about the importance of live-education as a college professor and international fitness educator. Madeleine discusses what she noticed about the businesses and people walking the trade show floor. Together, they shed light on some of the latest industry trends, what they noticed about the rise of women leaders in the fitness business, and the shifting culture that now centers the fitness professional as an expert advisor. STAY TUNED for a whirlwind blooper story at the end.
  • 2. Episode 2: Move in the Morning

    Irene and Madeleine talk about the benefits of waking up and working out. For fitness professionals looking for the best time of day to train clients or teach sessions, and for new and returning consumers of fitness to prioritize movement first thing in the morning. Irene breaks down the science behind the physiological benefits of early workouts including hormonal changes and biorhythms. Madeleine shares a personal connection to prioritizing fitness first thing in the morning for self-care. Tune in every Friday for a new half-hour episode.Music credit: bensoundListener discretion advised.
  • 1. Episode 1: gogetHER ORIGINS

    Irene and Madeleine talk about the current climate of the fitness industry from a professional perspective and tease upcoming episodes on topics like ageism, gender stereotypes, body image, and professional education standards. Tune in every Friday for a new half-hour episode. Music credit: bensound Listener discretion advised (strong language).